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Due date incorrect when set through date picker


  1. Boot WinMilk
  2. Edit an already-existing task
  3. Change the due date using the date picker (e.g. "13 jan 2012")
  4. Save the task
RESULT: The task's due date is actually set to the day prior to the date set (e.g. "12 jan 2012"). RTM sends reminder e-mail on the day prior, at 9 PM (e.g. on 12-jan-2012 at 9 PM instead of 13-jan-2012 at 9 AM, as expected).

EXPECTED: If I enter a date through the date picker, it set the due on that date.

Additional info: I have timezone set to "GMT-08:00" in RTM; I use RTM with 24-hour clock and dd/mm/yy date format.