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Building WinMilk

This page is work-in-progress and may not work perfectly.

Installing required tools

For best results, install, in this order:
  1. Tortoise HG
  2. Visual Studio 2010 Professional (Recommended)
  3. Expression Studio 4 Ultimate (Recommended)
  4. Visual HG (only if you have VS 2010 Pro)
  5. Windows Phone 7 SDK
  6. Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone
  7. Silverlight Analytics Framework
If you're a student, you can get VS Pro and ES Ultimate free on DreamSpark. You can also use VS Express and Expression Blend included in the WP7 SDK if you don't have access to VS Pro and ES Ultimate.
You can use the free Express versions of VS and ES, however, these don't integrate with Mercurial and you'll have to use Tortoise HG in Explorer to pull and push changes.

Additionally, you may want to read this guide on using Mercurial in Codeplex.

Cloning the repository and building and deploying WinMilk

Once you have Tortoise HG installed, you can clone WinMilk's repository by creating a folder in Windows Explorer, right-clicking on it and selecting Tortoise HG > Clone...

Use as the source.

You should be able to open WinMilk.sln in Visual Studio, compile it and deploy it to the emulator or a developer-unlocked device.

Creating a fork and submitting changes

If you want to submit changes to WinMilk, you can create a fork. This will create a new Mercurial repository to which you can push changes. When you think your changes are ready to be included in WinMilk, submit a pull request.

Requirements for submitting a changeset or pull request

  • When pushing a fix to a bug or feature to the main branch or when submitting a pull request, the code must fix a work item and be functionally complete.
  • Pushed code must be localized in both English and Spanish via app resources. Do not use raw strings for text. If you do not know Spanish, add the strings to the Spanish resources file with a .. before them. Eg. if you add the string "task" to the English resources file, add the string "..task" to the Spanish resources file. Make it clear in the commit log when strings need Spanish translations.

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